Leads School System


Message of the CEO

chairman leads school system      The world is currently entering an impulsive wave of challenges. Educational institutions in Pakistan must strengthen and equip their students with necessary capabilities to meet new challenges. When the new millennium was to dawn the establishment of an exclusively dynamic and profoundly committed institution was envisioned. The vision stands realized in a short span of time. Now LEADS needs no introduction. It has been recognized as an orgnization with difference. Strategic thinking, dynamism, unwavering commitment, foreseeing future needs and educating the youth accordingly are the traits of the institution. The basic aim of establishing LEADS is to meet the emerging challenges, address the broader corporate, structural, cultural, organizational and strategic issues and ensure the use of innovative technology in order to take on the challenges of the highly competitive and complex world market. The institution has been able to combine expertise being used in advanced technologies and knowledge of integrating it with existing business needs. Its emphasis is on personnel growth by enhancing ability to foresee asses, strive and succeed. We have the satisfaction of envisioning the future business needs, both national and global, and doing our best to develop human resources in Pakistan. We provide a unique opportunity to those aspiring individuals, who want to make their careers in the Business Markets i.e National, Regional and International. We have sufficient strength to educate, train and equip them with the knowledge and skill needed for success. I wish to see them as future leaders.

Zahoor Ahmed Wattoo
CEO, LEADS School System