Leads School System


The LEADS Group:

Education plays a key role in the progress of a nation. It is the base for economic and social development .The role and importance of education is not debatable. The education is a strategic service, and it brings a change in every field of life. The significance and importance of education demand quality in the processes & output of education. In order to improve the quality of life, the performance of organizations in public and private sector depends increasingly on quality of education provsided to the citizens in the form of values, knowledge and learning skills. These elements determine how effectively people can function in a complex and uncertain environment and the satisfaction they derive from their thought and action.
Leads Group was established in 1995. The basic aim of the Educational Trust is to produce Leaders for the nation through a holistic development of the individual by providing sound knowledge, higher analytical ability and commitment to service and respect for the nation. Therefore, the trust started its projects in education at all levels named as, Leads School System, Leads Group of Colleges and Lahore Leads University. Leads is an innovating and enterprising organization, welcoming , engaged and committed to excel in education ,research, creating activities and community partnerships.