Our ambition is to see our students emerge as inquisitive, innovative, intellectually cultivated, and environmentally responsible individuals who will perform their profession successfully with a sense of great leadership and responsibility, to serve the nation.
As a young and modern Institution, we are strongly committed to the internationalization of education and practical Islamic moderate personality development of a child by providing caring an d conducive learning environment. We believe on holistic development of a child. The focal objective of the school is to help its students to become independent learners who are confident of their own abilities. We encourage you to come and join this conducive learning environment at LEADS School System, which offers the opportunity to experience the wisdom of the religion and the rationality of the contemporary education at the same time. Contribute to the compassionate environment of LEADS School System, on the one hand, and enjoy the experience of being part of such an environment, on the other. .

Asad Manzoor Wattoo

MD, LEADS School System