Leads School System


Primary School :

LEADS School System provides reasonable leadership to develop skills and fitness specific to a particular sport among students. The purpose of the sports program is to provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to actively engage in activities involving sport, recreation, and play while providing structure for an experiential education.

The objectives of sports and games are:

  • To offer the opportunity to students and staff to engage in both recreational and competitive sports activities within and without the campus.

  • To identify and nurture students with talent relating to sports and games

  • Availing an opportunity for qualified student-athletes to take part in local, National, Regional and International competitions and events.

  • To offer/provide regular physical activities geared towards the enhancement of general health and physical wellness of both students and staff.

In house facilities :

  • Quality and “LIFE SKILLS” based Education ( Art )

  • Curriculum based on National and International Standards ( Library )

  • Quranic translation and Naazra ( Theatre )

  • Intensive Professional trainings for the faculty ( Health & care )

  • Modern teaching methods ( Sports and games )

  • Integrated, Inquiry and Project based learning ( Career counseling )

  • Effective assessment and Evaluation ( Individual Education plan )

  • Well equipped computer and science labs ( Teacher-parents interaction )

  • Educational and excursion visits ( Child centered learning )

Co-curricular activities ( National and International celebrations, Debates etc..)