Leads School System

Our Development Programs

Professional Development Programs :

” Professional development is formal training to upgrade the content knowledge and pedagogical skills of teachers and is widely viewed as an important means of improving teaching and learning. Leads School System realized the dire need of Professional development of the whole staff. As there is diverse population of students, to integrate new technology in the classroom, to meet rigorous academic standards and goals main focus is on the need for teachers to be able to enhance and build on their instructional knowledge. Need based training programs. As below programs are to be focused:.”

Focused areas :

  • ➲ Trainings by the publishers for curriculum understanding

  • ➲ Learning styles

  • ➲ Learning theories

  • ➲ Assessment and evaluation

  • ➲Language skills

  • ➲ Personality development

  • ➲ Team building

  • ➲ Leadership qualities

  • ➲ Comprehensive administration and management

  • ➲ Understanding of curriculum

  • ➲ Classroom management skills

  • ➲ Effective lesson planning

  • ➲ Communication skills