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Our Examinations

Examinations :

” For the assessment and evaluation process exams are usually conducted twice a year. Scheduled monthly tests are conduct in each month in order to improve teaching learning process. Exam schedule is uploaded according to the regional BISE requirements.”

There are two terms in an academic year:

We intend to achieve this goal by:

  • ➲ First term: April-September

  • ➲ October-March

Students results are compiled, recorded and then communicated with the students and parents body by the respective teachers after over view of the coordinators and principal.

Students are assessed by :

  • ➲ Quizzes

  • ➲ Puzzles

  • ➲ Monthly tests

  • ➲ Term wise and final exams

  • ➲ Written and oral tests and presentations

  • ➲ Class room participation