Leads School System

Our Co-curricular activities

Co-curricular activities :

” Leads School System has an extensive range of co-curricular activities and programs to give every student the opportunity to find areas of interest and challenge. We have been planned to engage a variety of interests - sporting, cultural, community service, competitive, non-competitive - to meet the diverse needs of our energetic and enthusiastic student community. These activities include music, competitive sport, debating, serving community dramatics, arts, a student representative council and much more…”

Participation in co-curricular activities :

  • ➲ provides opportunities to meet other students, develop social skills and feel more connected to the school

  • ➲ helps develop initiative and confidence

  • ➲ promotes organizational skills and team work

  • ➲ provides opportunities to both learn from others and to be a role model.

  • ➲ teach students the positives of being part of a team

  • ➲ sharing their sense of fun with others.

  • ➲ keeping mentally and physically active

Clubs, Societies and Committees:

”The School strongly believes in developing its students' leadership skills. Clubs and societies offer an excellent forum for students to actively participate in a host of co-curricular activities. Students can join the:”

  • ➲ Literary Society

  • ➲ Science Club

  • ➲ Environmental Club

  • ➲ Discipline Committee

  • ➲ Sports Committee

  • ➲ Function Committee.

  • ➲ keeping mentally and physically active